Geoff's party

Geoff’s party, 1973

Left to right:  Peter Gaussen, Jo Jones [Atkins], Jonathan Richards, Adrianne Ryder-Cook, Jill Krugler [Price], Stuart Fell, Pippa Bush, Jackie Harbron [Conning], Angus Willson, Fiona Wood [Adler], Jane Tarran [McCready], Kevin Kinsella, Chris Prince, Simon Colbeck, Ralph Berry, Steve Pitcher.

Jo Jones [Atkins]:   After A levels there was a party – was it at Geoff Barnard‘s aunt’s farm? Everyone had finished exams apart from  Jackie and I who did Russian and had our final exam the following day. I went to the party anyway, but after being in a field in the hot sun all day, suffered a bad allergic reaction and felt dreadful for the exam. No wonder I did so badly. Good party though.

Geoff Barnard: I’m glad you remembered that party Jo – it was a real high spot for me. Drinking cider in the sun and hanging out in the long grass by the old windmill.  Shame about your exam!

Geoff's party

Geoff’s party

Jonathan Richards, David Stuckey, Monica Cornforth [Fine] (1974), Christine Brown, Angus Willson, ??, Chris Prince at front. 1973

David Way, Angus Willson, Jo Jones [Atkins]

David Way, Angus Willson, Jo Jones [Atkins]

The world lay before us.

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  • sue shaw says:

    I don’t know if it was this party, but I do remember going to a party at Geoff Barnard’s granny’s house and seeing the lovely sunflower paintings. It was a lovely event.
    Hope you are all well,
    Sue Shaw

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