Reunion 1996

Greaves family
A good opportunity for a Greaves family photo in front of the cricket pavilion.Simon is, of course, number 3.

Angus Willson: Apparently, it was one of the best attended reunions for many years. I found it both fascinating and highly amusing. The school itself is, of course, very different but stimulated the memory of forgotten places. Most of all it was great meeting people.

I also met the following people: Ralph Berry, Paul Copeland-Watts, Peter Clifford, Jeremy Barker, Sue Watkins [Pedley], Jo Jones [Atkins], Kate Walker [Northam], Annie Haynes [Filgate], Michele Wilson [Underwood] et al. And Fiona Wood‘s [Adler] sister, Caroline, who was surprised to be recognised. has a page of comments from people who attended the reunion in 1996, or did have up to the time of the 2002 reunion.

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