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Prompted by Jo Jones [Atkins] in June 2002 I started to collect messages from school friends before the reunion in September. How better to include those more distant, or otherwise engaged, and unable to attend a reunion at FSSW? I suggested some themes, such as music and sport, as a way of dredging up those memories. It was meant as a bit of fun!

Some of us did catch up with each other at the FSSW reunion and tercentenary on 28 and 29 September 2002. We had so much fun we did it again in 2005 to celebrate our 50th birthdays.

Angus Willson (also known as Gus).

Update 2020

During the unexpected #stayathome the site has been refreshed and should be more suitable for phones and tablets. I have cleared some book shelves resulting in two new pages covering the schools plays of “The Rape of the Locks” and “Zigger Zagger“.

Brighton Beach 2002

What do you remember?

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Christine Brown, Christian Gayfer, Helen Philip [Duddy], 1971
Christine Brown, Christian Gayfer, Helen Philip [Duddy], 1971

Sadly, in March 2007 we heard that Helen Burgess had died. School friends attended the memorial service.

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Well the music was good.
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You might like to download and read this 87-page PDF of the entire FSSW73 website  (3.87 MB) (not yet updated with 2020 additions)

But if you have real downer on the whole idea of boarding schools, you might like to read this…

Why boarding schools produce bad leaders
“The elite tradition is to send children away at a young age to be educated. But future politicians who suffer this ‘privileged abandonment’ often turn out as bullies or bumblers. A psychotherapist explains why”

Old Scholars site and Facebook group
For information about other year groups and events, see This includes class lists, a message board and ‘panora’ photographs.

You might be interested in the rarely used Friends’ School Old Scholars Group on Facebook. It is a ‘closed group’ in that your access has to be approved – and it currently has about 450 members. (And a very good aerial photograph.)

School closed
Closure after rebranding as The Walden School, July 2017.
Would you believe it? See statement from the school governors


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