Friends’ School, Saffron Walden, Essex.
Memories of 1966-1973.
It was over thirty years ago, but a boarding school experience has a lasting effect.

Friends for life! – see photos in Reunion 21 May 2005.

Most of the content here was compiled between 2002 and 2005 and has been re-launched in this format in 2010.


Thank you to all the people who have provided their memories, photos and comments.

The sequence of development in reverse order:

From the reunion 2005: Angus Willson, Fiona Wood [Adler], Jonathan Clamp and a feast of photos.

Please note: we needed updated email addresses for Ruth Crocket, Giles Norton and Paul Copeland-Watts.

Renewed contacts in 2005: Christian Gayfer, Christopher Prince, Jane Macready.

Renewed contacts in 2004: Nick Hunt and Adrianne Ryder-Cook emailed. Gael Whittle submitted a profile to Friends Reunited. Louis Mair directs to news of Jeremy Barker then and now (More-music).

Memories abound for Anna Roberts (Food, Clothes and Boarding 3) August 2003.

The addition of the six-one girls photo from Autumn 1971 must, surely, stimulate more recollections. (Learning 2) Plus photos by Fiona Wood [Adler] of Helen Kalf [Robertson] (Boarding 3), Jenna Huxley (Clothes), Gael, Pippa, Nick, Kate and a group (Words wanted). August 2003.

A renewed contact: Penny Maier (Bolton-Gilbert] (Snippets). July 2003

Contribution from Louis Mair (Snippets) June 2003.

Super new photographs in the Party photo-gallery, Pastimes 2, and Pastimes photos by Richard Mongar. Some of these were scanned from negatives which have never been printed! Simon Colbeck and Angus Willson met up with David Stuckey who is now included in the ‘recent’ Photo-gallery. Plus more accounts of our challenging times from Ve Chamberlain and Helen Kalf [Robertson], and a letter home from John Woods in Boarding 3.
The photographs have been optimized to improve the download times. March 2003.

Additions from Jonathan Richards, Fiona Wood [Adler],Tim Watts (pastimes), Michele Wilson [Underwood] (clothes, boarding 3 and learning), more old photos from Simon Colbeck and reunion ones from Angus Willson. 10 October 2002.

New text from Fiona Wood [Adler] (see More boarding). Reunion photographs by Jo Jones [Atkins], Simon Colbeck and Angus Willson. 3 October 2002.

Additions from Shân Lancaster [Poynder] and Geoff Barnard, who also provided some more photographs. 27 September 2002.

Additions from Peter Gaussen and Tim Watts – and more photos  – 19 September 2002.

Additions from Rich Le Mare [1975], Simon Colbeck, David Stuckey, Michele Wilson [Underwood]. Photo of Paul Copeland-Watts. Some text moved and developed – 12 September 2002.

Additions, including photos, from Jo Jones [Atkins], Simon Colbeck, Huw Kruger-Gray and Ceri Fell [Jones] – 6 September 2002. Additions from Shân Lancaster [Poynder] and more from Giles Norton – 29 August 2002.

Started with Angus Willson, Steve Moody, Joy Worrell and Giles Norton.

Angus Willson
Angus Willson, er, thanks, Geoff!