Learning 2

Six-one girls
Six-one, from left to right, back-row: Gill, Sian, Helen, Christine, Michele, Ceri, Jane, Joy, Helen, Anne, Bron, Anita Thistlethwaite.
Front-row: Anna Kay, Jackie, Jo, Adrianne, Louise, Madelana, Shân, Pippa, Fiona, Margareta, Sue, Mary Sumner, (American exchange student) Autumn 1971.

This must trigger some memories of the sixth form.

Martin Hugall
Martin Hugall, biology teacher
Donald Benson
Donald Benson, chemistry teacher

Sturat FellStuart Fell

David Stuckey, Chris Prince, Jonathan Richards, Stuart Fell on science lab roof
Photos by Richard Mongar

3 replies on “Learning 2”

I didn’t elope on a motorbike! I just nipped off for a night in London and got caught out by a fire practice. When the roll call came, far too many helpful voices said “here” as my name was called. Whoops. Arrived back to a very frosty reception from…I think…Miss Marriage. Would that name be correct? Shan.

Fantastic website! The American exchange student was Mary (Sumner I think) who was our prefect in Dorm 2 after Shan Poynder left (we thought Shan had eloped with her boyfriend on his motorbike……….

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