School life

Nick, Lou, Geoff, Michele

An atmospheric photo, probably in the fourth-form common room.
Nick Hunt, Helen Robertson, Geoffrey Barnard, Michele Wilson [Underwood].

Photo by Simon Colbeck.

Ve, Jo, Jill et al

Veronica Chamberlain, Jo Jones [Atkins], Gillian Farrer [Seaman], Julienne Markland [Little], Janet Stembridge. Sitting: Helen Lalich [Eltis], Gael Whittle. Photo by Fiona Wood [Adler] Summer 1971.

There is a FSSW school film made by Matthew Robinson on 8mm film in 1963. Some aspects are ‘before our time’ but others ring true.
It is on Youtube in three parts
These will open in a new tab.

Or, depending on your set up, you can see them below.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

And, then, I found this video on Youtube from 1977.

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Boarding 1
Boarding 2
Boarding 3

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