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Angus Willson (April 2020): The school play seemed to be an important part of school life either as a participant or as an audience member. In our era these will be remembered as Antigone, Rape of the Locks (1970) and Zigger Zagger (1971).

I recently went through some bookshelves and found marked up copies with inserted programmes, make-up instuctions and stage directions. I have held a vivid memory, and the terror, of being the first on stage in a stiff, long ‘dress’, a long stick and the itchiest beard imaginable. And, on stage, being appoached by Eddie East in similar garb.

We owe this to English teachers like Timothy Gay, Mark Miller and other staff, and it generated a cast-bond and resulted in inter-year friendships.

The Rape of the Locks


From “The Avenue 1971”

Angus Willson: From present distance, this seems an extraordinarily harsh parent’s review of the performance. Timothy Gay gave a spririted response in The Avenue but the criticism probably led the way to a very different play and production the following year.

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