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Zigger Zagger (1972)

Angus Willson: I remember this production being a ‘cast of thousands’ with every participant being in the football crowd chorus around the edge of the school hall. The action took place in the round. In fact, my pencil drawing of the layout, on the inside front cover, shows my position as number 2 by the pianos. I also have the hand-written script, expanded from the original text, where Geoff Barnard as ‘Ambrose’ and I camped it up, probably to some laughter, and it gets mentioned in the review. Different times, eh?

Cast photos
Simon Winup
Simon Winup and Glynn Goodwin. Aubrey Bufton as The Policeman

Review in “The Avenue”, 1973

Produced by Mark Miller

Angus Willson: I had forgotten the detail about the illness of Glynn Goodwin in the leading part of Zigger and Mark Millar having to stand in. I have four banda-pages of his ‘notes’ headed Learn This Perfectly and, although you can’t read all of it, the attention to detail is evident. On reflection, we owe a debt of gratitude to the teacher-producers as the school plays were a really valuable part of the education we received at Friends’ School.

“Notes” by Mark Miller

Angus Willson: We also took part in plays in addition to the annual School Play. I have a copy of Michael Frayn’s “The Two of Us: Four one-act plays” and I played the role of Geoffrey in “Mr Foot.” However, I can’t remember for certain who played opposite me in the role of my wife called “Nibs”. Can anyone else remember, please?

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